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About Us

We're Flexible To Suit Your Needs

While our expertise is important, it is our flexibility of which we are most proud. It is all part of the service. We are aware that planning and scheduling your training needs is hard work and hence we can ease your stress by providing training and assessment in your workplace / site.

Annual Self-Review of Pastoral Care

As part of the Code, Tana Training Limited is required to undertake an annual self-review to assess whether it is meeting the Code's expectations. The self-review process involves gathering input and ideas for improvement from leaner voice and relevant data. A copy of our Education Code of Practice Self Review Summary is available.

What Do I Do If I Have A Concern?

Within the regulatory framework for learner wellbeing and safety, there is a clear pathway for learners to raise concerns about Tana Training Limited’s compliance with the Code. In the first instance, learners should raise concerns about potential breaches of the Code directly with the Training and Compliance Manager, Tana Training Limited. The Code requires tertiary providers to have effective practices to respond to learner needs, concerns, and complaints. If learners’ concerns/complaints are not effectively addressed by their provider, learners can escalate the matter to NZQA or, if they relate to financial or contractual matters, the Disputes Resolution Scheme (DRS for domestic learners).

What Is The Code?

The Code was developed by the Ministry of Education to document a range of requirements designed to support the wellbeing and safety of domestic and international students through one set of clear rules and expectations. The Code covers learners having opportunities to have their voices heard and topics such as physical safety and inclusion, access to advice and support services, physical and mental health support, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles.

NZQA and NZTA Accredited 

Our reputation for quality and reliability is underpinned by our extensive NZQA accreditations. We are committed to providing a broad spectrum of industry training in the construction, farming ang logistic sectors. Tana Training Limited is also an approved NZTA course provider for Forklift F Endorsement.

Code of Practice For The Pastoral Care of Students

Tana Training Limited is committed to supporting the wellbeing and safety of our learners. Along with other tertiary education providers in New Zealand, Tana Training Limited must ensure that it is compliant with the expectations set out in the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. Click here for Key Information for Learners

Learner Support:

Learner Handbook (click to download a copy)

Please contact us, if you wish to discuss this further.

Tana Training Limited Education Code of Practice Strategic Goals. Click here to download.

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